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Guesswork and gut instinct won’t cut it when it comes to launching successful products and crafting the right marketing messages. To keep your existing customers, or to gain new business, you’ll need the right data to back you up. Learn the tips and tricks to conducting market research surveys so you can get the answers you need.

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Our market surveys include marketing research methods such as online surveys, phone surveys, focus groups, executive interviews, depth interviews, and online discussion forums . Market research surveys are often designed for companies and firms to assess customer attitudes and behaviors for building or revising a marketing strategy, and creating a marketing plan. Market and customer surveys can be either qualitative or quantitative.

Before you begin your market research survey, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the two main types of market research. While primary market research and secondary market research can both give you insights on your target audience, the process in which they gather data is completely different. Knowing the difference between the two will give you a better idea of what type of market research you’d prefer to conduct.

Primary market research is the act of gathering new data that has not already been collected. That means you are actively seeking out and getting the data that you’re going to analyze. A market survey, an interview, or a questionnaire are all examples of primary market research. Whether you’re talking to people in person or conducting a survey online, you’re actively participating in getting the data.

Secondary market research involves gathering data that has already been produced. Say you’re doing further research on a study about the average amount of sleep adults in the U.S. get each night. You could be researching how sleep affects adults’ day-to-day food intake. You’re looking at the sleep study for reference and trying to find studies about Americans’ food intake. If any part of your research does not involve actively getting the original data from sources (via interviews, surveys, etc.), then you’re conducting secondary market research.

We include qualitative market research methods as "market surveys" because they offer a way to measure the market, again, in terms of depth and range of buyer perceptions and needs rather than quantity. Often market researchers and clients succumb to the temptation to inappropriately impute quantitative implications and projections based on this type of market survey.

Quantitative marketing research designs gauge, describe, and forecast quantity. Using a range of sampling strategies, quantitative market research studies often project results of quantitative market surveys to the entire marketplace. Popular quantitative market survey methods include online surveys, personal quantitative interviews, mail surveys, and telephone surveys.

Why Market Surveys Are Essential for Business Growth?

Market surveys help business owners to keep tabs on target market segments, forecast demand-supply shifts, track emerging market trends, regional market developments, and provide potential impact of changing factors on business segments.

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