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The situations in the contemporary market and the trend towards tech-savvy orientation have led to extensive use of webcasting in the commercial market. Nowadays, most business organizations prefer webcasting or streaming technology for conducting all their presentations, Annual General Meetings, Product Launches, e-learning, seminars, etc. Webcasting helps them widen their audiences in the most cost efficient manner.

Professional LIVE Event Streaming Company in Kerala

We at Brandmac have extensive experience of handling various forms of webcasting that are successfully used in businesses, educational institutions, entertainment industry and numerous kinds of personal and professional events. Brandmac is a pioneer in live streaming services in kerala. We’ve been on the field of live webcasting and live streaming for a long time. We groomed ourself as the best player in the webcasting industry. Today, we can help you livestream events seamlesly in HD quality. Our vast experience, reliable hardware, trusted software and top level content delivery network help us to fly ahead of our competitors.

At Brandmac we offer end-to-end video streaming services, whether you need to broadcast your AGM, townhall meeting, seminar, training session, conference, fashion shows or private event; and our interactive solutions, including Facebook streaming services and youtube webcasting, make it possible for your viewers to participate with comments and questions in real time. Our service starts when you begin planning your event. We consider the big picture (looking at the type of event, venue, audience and your budget); to create a stress-free webcasting solution that best suits your needs.

Each of the services we provide has scope for absolute mobility allowing us to capture and stream all sorts of outdoor and indoor events with similar ease. Thereon we provide live streaming of events through live webcasting at any preferred location around the globe.

Brandmac - Cochin Kerala based live event streaming and webcasting company, offers services of international standards that enable the streaming of numerous independent videos online on a regular basis. With our quality webcasting services, we give an effective and inexpensive option of producing features on interesting topics and thereon broadcast them over the Internet.

We also cater live streaming services for business events such as product launching, conferences, trainings and many more. And we do live streaming services for professional events like team and company outings and hangouts, team birthday parties, company annual celebrations, family day, farewell day, seminars and meetings with employees and clients as well.

Our robust, innovative, quality and cost-effective live streaming services help you to conduct and share an array of personal events to your relatives, friends, family, and acquaintances of any corner across the globe. We offer live streaming services for all kinds of personal events like engagements, weddings, receptions, sangeeth, birthday parties, family reunions, anniversaries, house warming days and many more.

Why LIVE Streaming Is Essential for an Event?

It’s a no-brainer and obvious to say that the usage of internet or online services across the globe is sky rocketing day by day to share any kind of information of the events related to your vertical presence or your near and dear or beloved ones. There’s no doubt in saying that online is the future media to reach anyone and anywhere. Therefore, live streaming will play a vital role in personal, commercial or professional lives.

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